Join Our MAT

We are able to provide our schools with a fantastic package of support in all areas of provision and we welcome contact from individual schools or groups of schools considering converting to academy status. We are also able to offer a more informal partnership package that is bespoke for individual schools.

We are keen to hear from schools in the local and wider area about what we offer as a MAT and how you can work with us.  Please email our CEO or Executive Head Teacher for more information or to request a meeting or telephone discussion. 


Why Join us? FAQ's

Parkfield Community Primary School received ‘Outstanding’ status from Ofsted in 2016. The Head Teacher, Hazel Pulley continued to develop her leadership skills and became a National Leader of Education in 2015. With a track record of supporting other schools, Hazel was asked to support and then sponsor and additional school. This has now led to us being a 7 school MAT. Hazel is now CEO leading an extremely capable MAT leadership team. We see the value and benefit of a Multi Academy Trust as we believe schools are stronger together. We would welcome enquiries for schools who are considering joining a MAT and would like to join Excelsior.

Our vision statement is simple but encapsulates all that we stand for. ‘All of our schools to be outstanding beacons of equality, where pupils succeed in a safe, innovative and vibrant learning community.’ Equality is at the heart of everything we do. We are nationally renowned for our work on the equalities act and believe in providing all of our children the very best experiences we can provide. Our challenge is to continue our journey to improve so that schools within the MAT are ‘Outstanding’, not only in terms of their Ofsted judgement , but in the eyes of our learners and community. We are committed to adding real value to our communities and to pushing the MAT to become even more effective in order to achieve the very best for all young people. We believe in true collaboration, working in partnership, investing in people and building capacity for long term sustainable success. We will continue to promote our values and visions to all staff at all levels across our MAT.

Excelsior has a brand promise with guarantee that during a child's education at an Excelsior school they will experience excellent teaching, innovative education and preparation for life in modern Britain.

An academy in Excelsior should strive for excellence and demonstrate a complete commitment to working with schools in the MAT and beyond. At Excelsior we value our staff and invest in their future insuring there is opportunity to grow and develop. Each school has the independence to serve the local community by retaining individuality. This can be seen clearly in the development of their own wider curriculum. At Excelsior our success is built on a culture of high expectation, high support and low threat. We are committed to supporting our schools to achieve the very best for our children and families.

Our leadership team have a wealth of experience of improving schools to be either good or outstanding. We have a model of school improvement that works and this is shared with our schools. The model provides flexibility dependent on a joining schools starting point.

At Excelsior Multi Academy Trust we are all responsible for pupil outcomes. We believe in a collective responsibility and commitment to each others success. This means that no school or child is left behind.

We believe in a team approach to school improvement. All of our leaders demonstrate strengths and expertise in a range of different areas. We believe we can use this expertise to share knowledge and develop leadership across the trust. We are are confident that Excelsior would provide progression and development for any leader within the trust.

We provide a range of high-quality professional development opportunities for all our staff including teachers. We run and source training and development opportunities throughout the year and across many areas of school provision. We believe in developing every member of staff to be the best they can be for the children. We are presently designing our International Teacher Exchange Programme.

We provide a range of opportunities for our children to benefit from the resources across the MAT. We provide regular inter school learning and sporting opportunities and benefit from our access to transport. We believe this is essential to create and build a true belonging and support our children to develop friendships and develop a growing understanding of our different communities.