Bridging Gaps: The Role of Technology in Fostering School Community Engagement

In an era dominated by technological advancements, harnessing the power of digital tools has become paramount for educational institutions. For Excelsior Multi Academy Trust, the integration of technology not only transforms classroom experiences but also plays a crucial role in bridging gaps and fostering stronger bonds within the school community.


Embracing Communication Platforms

One of the key ways technology contributes to community engagement is through communication platforms. At Excelsior Multi Academy Trust, we recognise the importance of keeping parents, teachers, and the broader community well-informed about the latest developments, events, and achievements of schools. Our MAT and schools’ website, newsletter and parent app serve as central hubs for information, providing real-time updates on school activities, announcements, and pupils progress.


Engaging Webinars and Workshops

Beyond routine updates, our MAT leverages technology to organise engaging webinars and workshops. These events cover a spectrum of topics, from understanding the latest educational technologies to providing insights into the curriculum. Headteachers and teachers from other schools are encouraged to participate, fostering a collaborative learning environment where the school community can exchange ideas and stay abreast of educational trends.


Social Media for Community Building

The power of social media cannot be understated. Platforms like TwitterX, Linkedin and YouTube provide an avenue for Excelsior Multi Academy Trust to showcase the vibrant life within our schools. From sharing pupil achievements to glimpses of classroom activities, social media enables us to celebrate the successes of our pupils and educators whilst inviting parents and the community to actively participate in these moments.


Transparent Pupil Portals

Technology also contributes to transparency in education. Our schools provide secure online portals for pupils and parents, offering a transparent view of academic progress, attendance records, and upcoming assignments. This not only empowers parents to stay actively involved in their child's education but also ensures that pupils take ownership of their learning journey.


MAT School Parliament Podcast

Our School Parliamentarians across Excelsior Multi Academy Trust have created a podcast together recently. Parents are welcomed to listen to our School Prime Ministers on this inaugural podcast. Pupils are able to voice their opinions and ideas on various topics, which can help them feel more connected to their school community. This podcast can be found on our schools website soon!


New Learning equipment and materials sharing

At Green Meadow Primary School, we have developed a new Mission Control and VR room for engaging pupil learning. The room can be used by all pupils across the MAT, allowing pupils from different schools to come together and use the equipment, fostering school community engagement.


In conclusion, technology is not just a tool for education; it is a bridge that connects our school community. Excelsior Multi Academy Trust and our schools remain dedicated to utilising the latest advancements to strengthen these connections, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment where every stakeholder plays a vital role in the success of our pupils.